AGU Fellows

Established in 1962, the Fellows program recognizes AGU members who have made exceptional contributions to Earth and space sciences as valued by their peers and vetted by a committee of Fellows. The Fellows program serves to meet the need for identified authorities who could advise, upon request, the various government agencies and other organizations outside the Earth and space sciences. In addition, the program aims to motivate members to achieve excellence in research, thereby enhancing the prestige of AGU.

We’ve highlighted our EPSP Fellows below.  Discover more about the AGU Fellows program here.

  • Robert S Anderson (Class of 2006)
  • James Best (Class of 2015)
  • Douglas W. Burbank (Class of 2008)
  • Michael A. Church (Class of 2015)
  • William E. Dietrich (Class of 1992)
  • Gordon Grant (Class of 2016)
  • Peter K. Haff (Class of 2016)
  • Alan D. Howard (Class of 1997)
  • Richard M. Iverson (Class of 2006)
  • Michael P. Lamb (Class of 2017)
  • Timothy Lyons (Class of 2018)
  • Katharine Maher (Class of 2015)
  • David Mohrig (Class of 2016)
  • Heidi Nepf (Class of 2018)
  • Chris Paola (Class of 2007)
  • J. Taylor Perron (Class of 2014)
  • Josh Roering (Class of 2018)
  • David Rowley (Class of 2018)
  • Rudy L. Slingerland (Class of 2013)
  • Gregory E. Tucker (Class of 2017)
  • Friedhelm von Blanckenburg (Class of 2018)
  • Kelin X. Whipple (Class of 2010)
  • Patricia L. Wibert (Class of 2017)
  • Peter Wilcock (Class of 2013)
  • Ellen E. Wohl (Class of 2013)