NSF workshop on climate, erosion and tectonics

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a second conference and workshop on the Feedbacks Among Climate Erosion and Tectonics (FACET), which will be held at Oregon State University on July 22-26, 2017.
WHAT: This NSF-sponsored workshop aims to assess the current state of understanding of how the interplay between surface and solid earth processes governs orogenic evolution and to discuss strategies for the next generation of research to advance that understanding.  The workshop builds on a conference held in 2015 in Taiwan, and will bring together US and Taiwanese researchers to facilitate collaborative approaches to coupled climate-tectonic systems.
WHO: The conference is open to all participants, and we particularly encourage researchers working on aspects of climate-tectonic interactions in orogenic systems beyond Taiwan.  We strongly encourage participation from early career scientists.
SUPPORT: We will provide partial support to cover on-site costs, including shared rooms and meals, for participants.  Limited funds are available to offset travel costs.  We will strive to provide support for as many participants as possible.
FIELD TRIP: We will offer two 1-day field trips as part of the conference, one to the Oregon Coast and one across the Western and High Cascades.
MORE INFORMATION about the conference goals and structure can be found at http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/facet2017/, or contact eric.kirby@oregonstate.edu.

APPLICATIONS for the conference are now open through March 31.  Apply here.

all our best,
Eric Kirby (for the FACET organizing committee*)*Committee:
Eric Kirby, Oregon State University
Tim Byrne, University of Connecticut
Jean Crespi, University of Connecticut
Chris Poulsen, University of Michigan
Francis Wu, Binghamton University
Brian Yanites, Indiana University
Yu-Chang Chan, Academia Sinica
Chien-Chih Chen, National Central University
Jian-Cheng Lee, Academia Sinica
Yuan-Hsi Lee, National Chung Cheng University
J. Bruce H. Shyu, National Taiwan University
Jia-Yuh Yu, National Central University
Eric Kirby
Associate Professor
R.S. Yeats Chair of Earthquake Geology and Active Tectonics
Oregon State University