Deadline January 14: Submit abstracts to surface processes sessions at the AGU Joint Assembly meeting, 3-7 May 2015

The upcoming Joint Assembly in Montreal, May 3-7 2015  features a dozen sessions sponsored by CGU-Earth Surface Processes Section and by AGU-EPSP and including a general Earth Surface Processes session.

Please consider submitting an abstract by the fast-approaching January 14th deadline.

Peter Ashmore, President, CGU-Earth Surface Processes Section

River ice dynamics and channel morphology
Colin D Rennie, Thomas K Buffin-Belanger and Shawn Clark

Advancements in Environmental Site Assessment and Characterization
Richard McGregor and Judith Patterson

Dynamics of Permafrost Regions in a Warming World: Processes, Landforms, Biogeosystems.
Daniel Fortier, Frederic Bouchard, Etienne Godin and Stephanie Coulombe

Earth Surface Processes
Jaclyn Cockburn, Peter Ashmore and Alan D Howard

Human Activity and Urbanization as a Modifier of River Processes
Jaclyn Cockburn and Paul V Villard

Implications of Climate Change for Mid to High-Latitude Coastal Systems
Jeff Ollerhead and Ian Walker

Innovative Isotope Methods for Characterising Metal Budgets in the Present and Past Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments
David Widory and Jiubin Chen

Modern and ancient ice streams and their megalineated beds
Martin Ross and Nicholas Eyles

Morphodynamics of semi-alluvial rivers
Colin D Rennie, Susan J Gaskin and Bruce J MacVicar

New and emerging techniques in geomorphology
Chris Hugenholtz and Ian Walker

Research Challenges and Opportunities in River Science Studies
Pascale Biron, Thomas K Buffin-Belanger and Peter Ashmore

The Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea corridor : marine geology, paleoceanography and role in the land-ocean climate system
Anne de Vernal, Calvin Campbell, Boris Dorschel and Andre Rochon