Sign up to Judge AGU EPSP Student Presentations

Posted 11/14/14 by lhsu in announcement

Students need your help!  The AGU Fall Meeting is right around the corner, and I’m writing to request your service in judging student paper awards.  Thousands of students have signed up for the Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) contest, and they need feedback from AGU members like you.  These awards are a great honor for young scientists, and only the top 3-5% receive them.

Signing up to judge is easy.  Here’s how:

1.  Go to the OSPA website ( and log in under “I am a Judge”.
2.  Click “Find Presentations”.
3.  Use the dropdown menus to find presentations in Earth and Planetary Surface Processes.
4.  Select presentations you’d like to judge.  There is no limit to how many you sign up for.
5.  Click “Add to schedule”.  Done!

Screenshots for these same steps can be seen here.

Once you’re at the Fall Meeting, judging presentations is straightforward.  Score sheets for each presentation will be available online during the Fall Meeting, and can be filled out until December 23.

Thanks so much for your service to the community, and see you in SF!