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Earth and Planetary Surface Processes is a multidisciplinary field that embraces the full range of processes -- including anthropogenic -- that generate, erode, and measure landscapes, that generate stratigraphy, and that couple the internal dynamics of the surface to climatic and tectonic forcings.

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- Chiara Venier, Andrea D'Alpaos, Marco Marani

Sediment deposition and erosion by wind waves and tidal currents, mediated by bed sediment properties and by biosta [...]

- J. Heyman, H.B. Ma, F. Mettra, C. Ancey

This article examines the spatial dynamics of bed load particles in water. We focus particularly on the fluctuation [...]

- Grégoire Messager, Riad Hassani, Bertrand Nivière

Gravity gliding implies rigid translation of a body down a slope where displacements are parallel to a tilted detac [...]

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