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Earth and Planetary Surface Processes is a multidisciplinary field that embraces the full range of processes -- including anthropogenic -- that generate, erode, and measure landscapes, that generate stratigraphy, and that couple the internal dynamics of the surface to climatic and tectonic forcings.

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- A. Pelosi, G. Parker, R. Schumer, H.-B. Ma

Ideas deriving from the standard formulation for continuous time random walk (CTRW) based on the Montroll-Weiss Mas [...]

- J. Gaume, J. Schweizer, A. Herwijnen, G. Chambon, B. Reuter, N. Eckert, M. Naaim

The evaluation of avalanche release conditions constitutes a great challenge for risk assessment in mountainous are [...]

- Lindsey K. Albertson, Leonard S. Sklar, Patricia Pontau, Michelle Dow, Bradley J. Cardinale

Plants and animals affect stream morphodynamics across a range of scales, yet including biological traits of organi [...]

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